Prodigies at Easterly Music Studio

​​​​ We offer  Preschool Prodigies (ages 3 1/2 to 5 years),  Kinder Prodigies (age 5 to 7 years) and Recorder Prodigies (Age 8 to 12 years).


Summer Prodigies
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Your Kids Will...
Develop a strong sense for pitch, rhythm and music
Practice memorized pitch skills using the Solfege Hand-Signs
Learn to play their first musical instrument
Learn to read music in a fun, colorful and stress-free way
Sing about colors, numbers, letters and solfege
Write songs & complete cross curricular activities
Fall in love with the language and art of music

How It Works...
Prodigies combines bells, step-by-step workbooks and over 200 video music lessons to deliver the music education of a lifetime
Students focus on the fundamental building blocks of music in ways that are developmentally appropriate, memorable and fun
Prodigies focuses on the power concept of giving children "meaningful exposure to individual musical notes during the critical years of auditory development" which heps to develop a life-long sense of perfect pitch

Why It Works...
Prodigies is color coded for error-proof learning
Prodigies presents the language of music in a way that's colorful, accessible and fun
Playing a musical instrument is considered "a full body workout for your brain" and so the skills practiced with Prodigies helps all areas of cognitive development
Prodigies focuses on "meaningful play with pitch" while kids are still developing their sense for pitch and language and therefore is more effective than most music programs